Are E Liquids Safe For Your Health?

Vaporizers and e-liquid are easy to utilize. They let you enjoy all the advantages of cannabis without actually puffing it. They help smokers to focus on getting high from inhaling the vapors rather than inhaling the smoke.


But e-liquids in general emit much higher amounts of toxic gases than regular cigarettes. The e-liquid must contain specific ingredients or it will not work properly. One of the ingredients that should be included is propylene glycol or PEG. It is a petroleum-based ingredient that produces a stream of vapor when heated. Its basic properties make it highly suitable for inhalation therapy.

Propylene glycol is also commonly used as cooking oil and solvents. It is non-toxic when heated. It is added to e-liquid ingredients because it allows the vapor to have more carbon dioxide or oxygen. When mixing the ingredients, add the PEG at the beginning and gradually mix it into the other ingredients.

While vaporizing the liquids, make sure that the equipment is clean and decongested before lighting it up. E-liquids that contain nicotine are harmful if they are vaped in an open area like a deck, grill or even an open bonfire. Hence, e-liquids should be packaged safely and appropriately for safety purposes.

If you would like to have new flavors added to your e-liquid then you can do so with citrus fruits and vegetables. These fruits and vegetables have pectin that adds to the body effects of the e-liquid. Pineapples, oranges and bananas have high content of pectin and are adding to most e-juices to give them a sweet flavor. They are also good for people who suffer from gastric problems because the pectin increases their rate of digestion. Aside from these fruit and vegetable ingredients, you can also use vanilla, coffee, hazelnuts, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg.

You can also find a plethora of e-liquid flavors in an alternate way. Since many companies are producing it, you can create your own e-liquid flavors. This method is preferred by some because they don’t want to put chemicals on their bodies. But this method requires a lot of time and effort. Creating your own e-liquid flavors takes at least two weeks.

As much as possible, do not go for cheap products especially those that contain PG. Cheap products may cause throat irritation because of the consistency in which it is produced. The best quality e-liquids are made from organic and all natural ingredients. One of the best and the most popular e-liquids is the cannabis e-juice because of its variety of flavors.

If you are new to the world of cannabis, its taste can be intimidating. But if you try the cannabis e-juice, then you will be able to experience its sweet taste. This product is far from the real thing. With just a few sprays, you can become more familiar with its subtle yet addictive flavors.

There are actually several benefits that you can get from the use of these e-liquids. It is a cheaper alternative to cigarettes. Aside from that, there are less harmful ingredients that you are inhaling when you vaporize these e-liquid flavors.

However, if you want to quit smoking, then this is not your only choice. The harms that you are doing to yourself by smoking are also harming other people. You are polluting the environment with your smoke and this is not good at all. You have to realize that if you want to quit smoking, then you have to eliminate the bad things that come along with smoking cigarettes such as cancer and lung diseases.

When you vaporize your own e-liquid, you will know exactly how much nicotine you have used so you won’t overdo it. You can never overdose on tobacco because it is a poison. But when you consume e-juice, you are not poisoning anyone. It gives you an alternative that is much healthier than smoking. Also, it’s much easier to quit than smoking.

Many of these e-cigs are nicotine free and this is a great thing. You do not have to replace nicotine in your body with anything because it’s not required. These liquids contain nicotine that is safe for you and your family to use.