Do Electronic Cigarettes Work Better Than Traditional Cigarettes?

Whether you smoke, dabble or smoke an electronic cigarette, the dangers associated with this emerging smoking substitute are worrying. Although e Cigarettes are very popular and available almost everywhere, there is a lack of research and evidence on the long term effects of their use. One of the unknowns is the increased risk of oral cancer with these cigarettes. One of the most surprising and significant facts about E-Cigarettes is that they contain only a small amount of nicotine, which is in fact one of the most harmful components found in cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes also come in the form of a vaporizer, which is a glass or plastic tube that has been provided to you to inhale through. They are considered safer than puffing or smoking a normal cigarette as the vapor created is not inhaled and therefore does not contain any harmful chemicals. However the problem lies in the actual delivery of the vapor created and by doing this, increases the potential for irritation to your respiratory system. The end result is you can have many different problems, one of which is mouth cancer.

One of the biggest concerns about E-Cigs is that they are appealing to young people and young adults in particular. Most of the devices that are on the market today are marketed towards high school students and younger adults. It is not surprising that these devices are appealing as the E-Cigarette companies have spent millions upon millions of dollars marketing their products to this target audience. One of the reasons they are appealing to so many young adults and high school students is the low cost involved with using electronic cigarettes compared to other nicotine delivery systems.

Nicotine is highly addictive and it is highly possible that an individual who is addicted to cigarettes could become severely reliant on using an e cigarette or vapor. The concern here is that because the vapors do not contain nicotine, there is no actual fire or smoke involved. The user is not actually smoking the e cigarette as it does not contain any combustible material. The concern here is that if a young person or adult ever attempts to quit smoking using an electronic device, they may not be able to do so successfully due to the dependency that is associated with the addiction to nicotine.

The second major problem with E-Cigs is that they are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes contain tar and other harmful chemicals. Tar poses a significant health risk and is considered one of the leading causes of lung cancer. E-Cigarettes do not pose a significant health risk. They also do not cause cancer or other types of diseases that are commonly found in traditional cigarettes. These two facts combined lead many people to believe that e-cigs are much less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

A possible reason why the e Cigarette industry is less harmful than tobacco cigarettes rests in the fact that they do not contain any form of harmful chemical substance. This alone leads to the second reason why vapor products are more appealing to many people than regular tobacco cigarettes: they are perceived to be a safer alternative. Nicotine is a poison that is highly addictive; at the same time it is very poisonous to the lungs and airways. When it enters the body, lung inflammation occurs and can be responsible for death within a relatively short period of time.

To illustrate the point, consider the use of aerosol sprays on Halloween parties. Many parents are concerned about the dangers of Halloween candy being laced with insecticide. A parent who chooses to use an e-liquid spray on their child’s hands will not have this worry because the insecticide used in vapor products cannot enter the air. So while children trick-or-treat in an area that has been sprayed with an insecticide laced with poison, no harm will actually occur to the child using e-liquids.

The same thing can be said about E-Cigarettes. By using an aerosol spray the harmful chemicals and toxins in tobacco are not entered into the air. Additionally, when an E-Cigarette is used, no liquid is actually consumed by the user. The vapor contained in these devices simply dissipates without causing any harm to the user or to others.